Top tips for attracting many Periscope followers

News 08:04 April 2024:

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Periscope gives people an opportunity to interact with others through a more powerful means; use of live broadcasts. Just do some survey, people trust radio and TV more than any other means of communication, and that it is because they can listen to the speaker vividly on their own. However, periscope followers consumes a lot of Internet bundles, and thus many people are not likely to be interested in following or liking your broadcasts, unless they are short and interesting.

Besides become an interactive periscope user, learn to follow and interact with other users just like people do on any other social network. Listen to some of the broadcasts your friends make, comment on them and ensure that you reply to their comments on your broadcasts as well. Also learn to appreciate people when they give you hearts. It takes a lot of interest for someone to choose to listen to your broadcasts and then give you hearts. Make sure you reach out to them and thank them for that. If you can, make replays of your broadcasts so that more people watch them.