How not to get lost in the crowd, stand out

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Being on Twitter for the first time can be a great fun and quite confusing.  As you continue to be on the platform, you will realize that your followers continue to grow.  This in essence is good and quite encouraging.  With time managing such a big group might become quite taxing.  If managing the group is getting out of hand then it is time to get organized.  Organize your followers in groups. This will make it easier for you to know each time you receive Twitter likes.

Don’t get lost in the crowd because of the large number of users on Twitter platform.  Be good at what you do, don’t just be a user, stand out through what you share or the posts you make.  Remember in any social media platform, including Twitter, content is key.   By organizing your followers into groups it is easier to know who they are, what they like and easily communicate with them.  Never underestimate the use of hash-tags if you want to increase your Twitter likes on the platform.   The secret is keeping it short.f2

How not to annoy your Twitter Followers

If maintaining a high number of twitter likes and followers matters to you very much, there are things you should never with your account. For starters, avoid presenting yourself as the master of everything or an oracle in any niche. Instead, just be yourself, educate, inform and entertain your followers, and maybe they can decide what to refer to you. On your profile also, don’t use exaggerated words to describe yourself. Be enticing but honest as well.

On the other hand, avoid suing an obviously annoying language. Don’t use profane language, and neither should use cutesy icons and gestures. They will make you look childish and could make people unfollow you. Still, don’t get into the habit of sharing inside jokes with all your followers. It won’t make your twitter likes go up anyway, because not everyone will get the meaning of what you post. Finally, respect the English language and edit your tweets always. Twitter is full of grammar perfectionists if you say, and they could be sensitive even to small grammatical mistakes.

Spamming that could lead to more Positive Feedback and engagement with your Twitter Followers

No one likes being spammed, and people are especially very intolerant to spammed content on twitter. Most people will quickly unfollow you if you develop the habit of tagging them on your tweets, which is why you should try a different strategy of reaching out to specific twitter users without hurting their feelings. For instance, don’t add someone’s twitter handle at the end of your tweet. Instead, mention the people you want to reach out first, and then input your message later. That way, each individual you mentioned will receive the tweet as a personal message, and they are more likely to engage with you.

Note however that the best way to stay safe and avoid rubbing with your followers the wrong way is by staying honest with them. And if you are after twitter likes, tweet highly educative and high quality content without necessarily mentioning anyone’s account. Spamming is illegal on twitter and could get your account being banned or losing many of your followers.f2

The Impact Good Content has on attracting more Twitter Likes

There are many ways to attract more twitter followers, with the basic strategy being that of creating good content. Yes, there is no better ways to make the twitter community give you more twitter likes than through impressive, educative or inspiring content. So, before posting anything on twitter, ensure that you research and get all the facts right. Once you have the facts and statistics, look for some great pictures you could use along your content, and then start tweeting albeit with moderation.

If you get a dozen twitter likes on your first few posts, start spending some time looking for followers. Use appropriate content related hash tags, market yourself on other social networks by sharing your twitter handle, and generally contribute to trend on this social network. That way, you attract more twitter likes on your posts, while you enjoy more engagement with your now increased following. But if you are a marketer on twitter, good quality content alone may not help you get sales instantly. You have to develop a relationship with your followers before they can accept to buy your product.

How to effectively increase your likes on social media platform

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What do you really think happens on social media?  This is a very interesting platform. Every social media user has an account, and within that account there are a large number of people or followers on your network.  Each time you post a photo it will be viewed by not only people on your platform but by others on their friends and followers platform.  The trend normally continues but one thing that most people don’t understand is why normally receiving likes become too difficult.   If you have been there then you know what I am talking about.   If you are not satisfied with the attention you receive, then there is no harm in considering receiving free likes.

The likes ensure that you do not have to depend on the large number of followers to give you thumbs up something that at times is impossible to come by.  Why waste your precious time sitting by your computer the whole day waiting for likes that will never come when you can instantly get a large number of free likes right in front of you.

Time is everything

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Granted that there are people who are basically addicts of social media and they are always online. Be sure though that these people are very few; this especially holds true if you are one person who is looking to enjoy a  good number of free likes and free followers. These people will not be able to get you all the likes and followers that you want. They should thus not form your main target audience. You might be wondering why this is so.

It is very simple. A large number of people in the world who use social media are usually occupied during the day. Most are in school, others are working, and others are running businesses and so and so forth. This then simply means that they do not have the idle time to be on social media the whole day. It is then important that you know the perfect time to post your content to capture their interest. If you post your content in the middle of the day when everyone is busy, most people will not see it and when they finally get to see it a few hours later, it will have already lost its ump! Research has actually shown that the perfect time to post content on social media is between 5pm and 2am.f1

Use the Power of Live Events

The world that we live in today has literally become a ‘show off’ stage. People want to be seen at the latest and happenings events, they want to be seen engaging in famous activities and they like to be known as associated with celebrities and prominent people. Browse through social media and just look at the photos and comments that people post on a daily basis and you will see how true this statement is. People are always looking to send a very loud statement about the kind of hype and high life that they live. This is one thing that you can use to your advantage to get  followers.

How would you be able to get  followers from this factor? Take photos of people during live and hype events and then allow these people to tag themselves on these photos once you upload them. Trust me, they will be glad to. You are providing them with an avenue through which they can broadcast to the world the kind of fun and hype life they are living. As the individuals tag themselves, their friends and followers will see the photos and also get to notice you which will also increase your visibility.

Use your Employees

As a business, your authenticity and credibility is a very important thing. The people that follow you the people that associate themselves with you and the people that broadcast the message about you are very important. For customers to buy your products, they need to get to the point where they actually trust in you and believe you are credible and legitimate. The same goes for the social media pages that you have. For you to be able to get many free followers, your authenticity has to be established.


How then do you get this authenticity? It is said that charity begins at home so you will have to begin in-house; start form within your company. You need to get your employees to rally behind you and like and follow your social media pages so as to get many more  followers. This sends a very strong message about the kind of company that you are running. When people notice that even the people you have employed and pay a salary on a regular basis do not want to follow you on social media, they will start to ask questions. The moment they start to ask questions, your credibility will be thrown out of the window and you will suffer a lot of avoidance on social media. Get your employees to rally behind you and establish your authenticity.


The Sample Bias argument in Twitter Polls

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Twitter polls are a built-in option that twitter recently introduced to allow it users to conduct public polls on various issues. The option is still quite new and many developments are being made on it but it is still currently viable for ruse. Anyone who uses twitter can easily access it and use it to get the public’s opinion on a certain issue that might be running on their mind.

Professional have however come out strongly to say that twitter polls cannot be trusted. They say that the polls are greatly affected by sample bias and the information that is derived from the polls cannot really be trusted. This is the main reason as to why they are against the use of these polls. It is however important that we remain objective here and not let emotions get in the way. People do not use twitter polls to help them make life changing decisions. Twitter is a social media platform which mainly means that it is used for social purposes. The polls that are conducted here are normally for the purposes of making individual decagons such as whether a person should have pizza or Chinese for dinner. That being said, the sample bias argument should not be made as serious as it is being projected to be.

Top tips for attracting many Periscope followers

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Periscope gives people an opportunity to interact with others through a more powerful means; use of live broadcasts. Just do some survey, people trust radio and TV more than any other means of communication, and that it is because they can listen to the speaker vividly on their own. However, periscope followers consumes a lot of Internet bundles, and thus many people are not likely to be interested in following or liking your broadcasts, unless they are short and interesting.

Besides become an interactive periscope user, learn to follow and interact with other users just like people do on any other social network. Listen to some of the broadcasts your friends make, comment on them and ensure that you reply to their comments on your broadcasts as well. Also learn to appreciate people when they give you hearts. It takes a lot of interest for someone to choose to listen to your broadcasts and then give you hearts. Make sure you reach out to them and thank them for that. If you can, make replays of your broadcasts so that more people watch them.

Useful Tips for Periscope Hearts Broadcasters

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Periscope is definitely a very exceptional platform wherein you can instantly obtain a great number of followers, you will surely find yourself so engaged and you can even start an active community in an instant. For sure, this is the reason why it is a rapidly becoming so renowned live streaming app today.

In like manner, for you to enjoy periscope hearts even more, it is of great help to pick a focus for your scope even though your focus is merely to share a wonderful image of the sunrise or a comical story about dinner. Your scopes could cover a broad range of different and engrossing topics. You can add anything that comes with a very fascinating story to tell.

Aside from this, it would be great if you can recall the day and the time you set your very own scope. Consider announcing this through email or on social media. Never have second thoughts of connecting to loved ones and buddies as well precisely because this can considerably aid you to obtain supporters in your corner, transmitting you periscope hearts and participating in comments.

Why you should invest in Automatic Likes as a Business

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There is one fact that you cannot dare to deny in this day and age, social media is growing businesses to such great heights it sounds unbelievable. As a businessperson, this is definitely something that you know. Conventional marketing methods are not working the wonders that social media is working today. How can they when with social media you get to reach a much wider audience at a go? To top it all up, with social media, you get to interact with your customers. They get to have a personal feel of your business as they engage with you one on one and this definitely works to enhance loyalty.

That being said, it is a worthy cause to spend money on automatic likes. Why? You might ask. Human beings are always attracted to interesting activity and social media is not an exception. People on social media are always interested in the profiles and pages of people getting many likes. You getting automatic likes will mean that you will be able to get so many likes on your page and you will in turn attract the interest of so many people and they will in turn follow you to see what you have to offer. Your return on investment will definitely be a good one as you will get to tap into a much wider market.